The Last Word (Episode 1)

Hi, I am Anuj. It is my story. Let’s go back to the time when I was in 11th standard. That was the time when I first realized that I love her…Neha…my eternal love.

Neha’s parents and my parents were friends. So I knew her since when we were kids. I had no idea that one day she was going to be my life. I used to meet her in family gatherings. I remember she used to sing in those gatherings. She had an amazing voice. But I never felt anything for her. Actually back then I used to like some other girl from my school…Amrita.

In order to describe how much I love Neha, you need to know about my other crushes too. Only then you will realize the fine line between crush and love.

Chapter Amrita

I was in a co-ed English Medium school. Girls and boys were friends. We used to share lunch, gossip together. It was all about friendship. Then “Pahela Nasha, Pahela Khumar” thing happened and we started to know that the girl whom you call your friend can become your girlfriend. Soon our class filled with couples and 14th February got its meaning. Back then it was a big deal to approach a girl and propose her. There were no social media at that time and cell phones were new in the market. You either had to give a letter (love letter) to her or gain the courage to face her and pour your heart out. Lucky were the ones who got positive response. The rejected ones used to become so sad, started hating entire girl kind and within 6 months developed a new crush and the loop continued (such things remain same even after decades).

I am a hardcore SRK fan. We, the SRKIANs, know love better than others. We know how to impress a girl. I totally justified this and left no means to steal Amrita’s attention towards me.




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